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Lee Chi Hung Hall is the first and only co-educational non-residential hall in the University of Hong Kong. It is located inside the main campus of the University of Hong Kong. It was founded in 1995 and is named in honour of Mr. Lee Chi Hung so as to thank the Lee's family for their generous donation. Ever since, Lee Chi Hung Hall aims at cultivating unity and a sense of belonging among students through organizing various cultural, sports and social activities in order to achieve all-round education. Being a non-residential hall, Lee Chi Hung Hall not only provides a golden opportunity for their members to grow in all aspects, but also makes the university days much more memorable. Over the past years, Leechians have actively devoted to our hall history, traditions and splendid victories in various tournaments and activities. Lee Chi Hung Hall is definitely a place for nourishing our future leaders and expand our social circle!


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